3D Printing in Eduction

Objex Unlimited provides 3D Printing and Scanning Equipment and Services through a wide range on Educational Institutes from elementary to post secondary. Our 3D equipment is cutting-edge and provide the tools needed to learn and teach across the full spectrum of 3D design and manufacturing.

3D Systems for Educators


Seeing isn’t just believing; seeing is learning. We think classrooms and labs should be places of practical application and hands-on discovery, and we’re not alone.  Schools, colleges and educational and governmental institutes of all levels and disciplines are increasingly introducing their constituents to 3D Systems’ leading 3D printing technologies as a means of providing real world applications in math, science, mechanical engineering, and architecture among others.  Our high definition 3D printers are easy to maintain and operate and are becoming indispensible tools for educators and civil servants alike.


Afinia for Educators


It’s clear that 3D Printing holds, and will continue to hold, an important place in education. The question is, how does one decide which printer to use to support a given curriculum?

1) Is it easy to set up?
Make: Magazine named the Afinia H-Series “Easiest to Set Up”

2) Is it easy to use?
Make: Magazine named the Afinia H-Series “Easiest to Use”

3) Is it reliable?
Make: Magazine named the Afinia H-Series “Reliable Performer”


MarkForged for Educators

The Markforged 3D Printers put design and manufacturing within the reach of all students, regardless of tenure or course of study, allowing them to fully leverage our greatest asset: the collective strength of the team.
“Sometimes machining takes too much time and money, and the Markforged allows us to have even first years take their parts and use them on the vehicle.”
The Mark Two provides a competitive advantage and allows the HPV team to offset the time and monetary impact traditional manufacturing methods. They can create strong end-use parts, that stand up the to grueling trials the team will face.

3D Scanning in Eduction

Artec for Educators

Universities, colleges and laboratories are embracing 3D scanning as a powerful tool that allows students and researchers to study artifacts in greater detail than ever before without risking damaging them. The world’s leading museums also use Artec 3D scanners to digitize artifacts and create online galleries, facilitating access to their collections for art specialists and academics no matter where they are based. Unlike original objects that can be seen only from behind the glass at museums where they are exhibited, their 3D copies can be easily viewed from any angle and in different resolutions.



LMI for Educators


Matter and Form for Educators

The Matter and Form desktop 3D Scanner delivers professional grade scans for a fraction of the cost. Create stunning 3D models that import directly into Blender, 3DS Max, Maya, or any 3D printing software.

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