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New Artec 3D AI-powered HD Mode

Learn about the latest and greatest in Artec Studio and the release of their new HD mode and AI-Powered 3D scanning features.

Steve Cory, 3D industry expert and founder of Objex Unlimited will review his experience with this new feature and discuss how it can revitalize your Artec 3D scanning equipment and workflow.

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Custom 3D Printed Mask Fitters – Live Webinar

Having trouble with fitting your N95 or KN95 masks?

Objex Unlimited is utilizing their in-house 3D Systems Figure 4 and MED-WHT (ClassVI Medical grade, FULLY BIOCOMPATIBLE, and AUTOCLAVABLE) material to produce custom 3D printed mask fitters for medical professionals.

Special guest – Robbie Ichelson, CEO of The Canadian Academy for Prehospital and Emergency Medicine Inc. will discuss how these Mask Fitters are providing value to his clients and assisting them in passing their quantitative fit testing, results and what we expect to see moving forward.
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Artec 3D Scanners – Live Webinar Demo

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3D Printing In Full Colour – Live Webinar

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1 Part 7 Different Ways – Live Webinar

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Making Your Ideas Matter – Live Webinar

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