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What Is 3D Scanning?


Artec 3D Scanners deliver information about the shape of an object within a matter of seconds. They are simple, user-friendly, accurate, quick, inexpensive and can be used with objects of various sizes and degrees of complexity. There is no safety risk to people. Artec 3D Scanners do not produce the sort of magnetic radiation that can damage medical instruments, and there is no need to move scanned items or to place markers on the object. Artec scanners really excel in acquiring full colour, extremely accurate scans of complex and organic shapes. These are high quality scanners available for a very reasonable price.

Some reasons why we love Artec Scanners:

  • No positioning sensors required.
  • The scanners are light and portable – you can take them anywhere.
  • The included Artec Studio software makes post processing and texturing of scans easy.
  • You can edit every frame of every scan – extreme flexibility.
  • The mesh quality is excellent.

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Some common applications for Artec 3D scanners include:

Plastic surgery

By using a hand-held Artec 3D scanner you can get a precise, coloured 3D model of the client’s breast, face or any other part of the body in less than one minute. Artec Studio software allows you to take any volumetric or linear measurements from the scanned model and visualize pre- and post surgery appearance with all nuances of shape and skin.

Artec M 3d scanner for plastic surgery

CGI for Movies and Gaming

Artec technology allows scanning an actor or a feature of a scene quickly and accurately. This information can be used simply for reference (make-up or costumes), but can also generate base meshes for CGI. A highly polygonal scan can be used to construct a less polygonal animated model and to produce typical and displacement maps.
Artec 3D Scanners have already been used in the making of such films as Black Lightning, the Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter.

Artec M 3d scanning for CGI movies and gaming


Restoration of interiors and entire buildings means reproducing missing features of the decor. This entails obtaining exact 3D copies of features of sculpture, architecture, stucco ornaments or fragments of antique furniture.

Artec M 3d scanning for restoration

Orthopaedics, Prosthetics and Post Trauma Care

Generate accurate scans of body parts to produce perfectly fitted prostheses with minimum effort. The result is a significant decrease in cost and time spent on each job.
Using a 3D scanner to measure spinal curvature often helps in diagnosing the evolution of a disorder.
Create custom-fit masks to expedite the healing process without messy plaster moulds or the necessity to touch the sensitive, affected area of the body.

Artec M 3d scanning for orthopaedics, prosthetics and post-trauma care


Conduct detailed studies of crime scenes, and carry out experiments that may help to provide an authentic reconstruction of an incident.

Artec M 3d scanner for forensics and criminology

Heritage Preservation

Make copies of items found in the course of archaeological or palaeontological work, such as fragments of ceramics or bone – without damaging the original object.
3D copies of sculptures, bas-reliefs, haut-reliefs, painting frames and interior decor captured by Artec 3D scanners lend an extraordinary authenticity to virtual exhibitions.

Artec M scanner for archeology