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3D printing is a great tool for a wide variety of applications and industries; from rapid prototyping to model making.

It’s often overlooked that 3D printing can also be utilized as a final production use tool. Many of our clients are astonished with the high quality and consistent detail that 3D printing offers.


Direct Digital Manufacturing

3D Printing is not just for prototyping. Many customers choose 3D Printing as a method of production for their end-use products (or some components of their product) or to create tools for their production facility. Jigs, fixtures and custom tooling can all be created using Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing to give yourself a huge leap forward in your production schedule.

By utilizing best-in-class 3D Printers, Objex Unlimited can deliver results and finishes that rival injection molding and traditional manufacturing methods. Additionally, 3D Printing gives you the ability to create complex models and geometries  that aren’t possible using traditional manufacturing methods. Objex Unlimited can create parts as strong as aluminum.

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