About Mimaki

Founded in 1975 in Tomi-shi, Nagano, Japan, Mimaki’s portfolio includes more than 50 products that provide a total workflow solution for the sign graphics, textile & apparel, industrial and 3D markets. They are dedicated to engineering smarter machines that help our customers improve workflow and grow their businesses. As they celebrate our 45th anniversary in 2020, we continue our commitment to providing premium products, service and support in 150 countries worldwide.

Mimaki opened their U.S.A. headquarters in Suwanee, GA in 1999, and quickly grew the company’s presence in North America. Today, Mimaki operate seven regional offices and technology centers across the U.S. and Canada. Objex Unlimited is Mimaki’s only Canadian owner and operator of their 3DUJ-553 3D Printer.

Unlock your 3D potential­­

The 3DUJ-553 is world’s first photorealistic full-color 3D printer capable of producing more than 10 million unique colors. It’s perfect for applications where color accuracy and fine detail are critical. From prototyping to medical modeling, this machine creates full-color models with unmatched quality.⁡
  • More than 10 million possible color combinations
  • Layer thickness can be set to 19, 22, 32 or 42 microns
  • Water soluble support material
  • Clear ink for transparent and translucent effects; high-opacity white for accurate color reproduction
  • 20 x 20 x 12 inches (508 x 508 x 305 mm) build area
  • Dual UV-LED curing lamps
  • Customizable device output ICC profiles with optional Mimaki Profile Master 3 (MPM3) software
  • Includes Mimaki 3DLink and Printer Driver software

Create supersized 3D displays

The 3DGD-1800 is large-scale 3D printer for creating dimensional displays for a variety of applications. It is ideal for producing interior-illuminated signage, museum / POP / window displays, channel letters and logos, entertainment promotions, interior design elements, event decoration, movie sets and props, product mock-ups, vacuum molds, and more.
  • Create 3D objects up to 57” W x 43.7” D x 70.8” H
  • Features Gel Dispending Printing technology
  • Offers three times the processing speed of conventional FFF-type 3D printers
  • Produces a 70.8-inch high figure in just seven hours
  • Light-transmittable material ideal for internally-lit applications
  • Surface can be decorated with output from Mimaki inkjet printers
  • Complete solution for 3D printing of large-scale objects
  • Includes software for effortless 3D object creation

Designed for flexibility and ease of use

This 3D machine, co-branded with Sindoh, utilizes fused filament fabrication technology to form three-dimensional objects. It’s able to inexpensively produce customized jigs, molds for thermoforming or custom models to be printed on our UJF Series.
  • Form 3D objects up to 8.27 x 7.87 x 7.67 inches
  • Ideal for jig and printable object creation with biodegradable PLA filament
  • 5” full-color touch panel with illustrated instructions
  • Automatic filament installation
  • Heated flexible bed panel with semi-automatic leveling
  • Installed HEPA filter to reduce VOC emissions
  • Built-in camera for remote monitoring with smartphone or tablet
  • Fully covered compact design
  • USB/Ethernet/Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Perfect companion to our UJF Series