3D Scanning Services

With a variety of 3D Scanning Services & technologies, we can capture every detail of your part.

We’ll quickly and accurately help you convert a physical object into precise digital 3D models.

From there, you can utilize our design service to make modifications to the file, or we can create 3D digital renderings for your display.

As with many things in the realm of 3D, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to 3D Scanners. So it’s best to narrow down your particular needs and choose a scanner that suits your specific application.

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artec-spider-scroll-bgStructured Light Scanning

These 3D scanners project a pattern of lights onto an object. The scanner then reads the reflections in the light to analyze curves and bends in the surface of the object. These scanners are flexible to use, good for many applications and safe on human eyes. These are generally a lower cost, but are not optimal on reflective or refractive surfaces.


Objex Unlimited President and Founder Steve Cory inside the Selftraits Photogrammetry 3D Scanning BoothPhotogrammetry

This method uses multiple cameras to capture the object from different angles along with an algorithm that triangulates common points to analyze depth and create a 3D model. It gives you the best colour detail, however is not the most accurate for making precise measurements.

 Laser Scanning

These 3D Scanners function similar to Structured Light, except they use lasers instead of a blanket of light. These can be great for precise engineering applications and capturing fine details, but are unsafe for human eyes. They need to be used in a controlled environment. 

as11Reverse Engineering

Creating 3D Models from scratch can be a process that’s both time and cost-intensive. Reverse Engineering using 3D Scanning can complete a job in hours that normally takes days or weeks using traditional methods. Using our 3D  scanning techniques and software we can create models 

Files can be delivered in any required CAD or graphic format and be used for inspection, mold and pattern making, tool path creation, tooling verification or additive manufacturing and 3D printing.

Studio Scanning

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