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Model Making

Make your ideas Matter.

Choosing the right Full Colour 3D Printing & Model Making Services – Objex Unlimited gives you ability to create full-colour photo-realistic models and creations, hard plastics, rubbers, and materials as strong as metal. In addition to 3D Printing technologies, you’ll have access to our other fabrication equipment on-site, including vacuum forming, laser cutting, and painting stations.

Whether you’re giving a presentation, showing off a new concept, or demonstrating a new product, we have the tools you need to build your model and get your message across.

Full Colour 3D printing services

Express your concepts in a physical colour model and communicate your designs more effectively.

3D printing is a great tool for a wide variety of applications and industries; from rapid prototyping, to production printing.

With our full colour 3D printing services you no longer have to worry about post applying colour to your models. We make it easy to create detailed, accurate and cost effective models in a variety of material options and colours.

Our model making services are great for:

  • Architectural Models
  • Medical Models
  • New Products
  • Concept Models
  • Artistic Modelling

Our talented production team of digital sculptors and artists can help you through every step of the process and help provide insightful printing and finishing options.

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