Damaliscus Korrigum

A beautiful skull of an African antelope, captured with Eva in two scans: the front and the back. The striking details of the specimen were captured in high detail 3D, from the tips of the ringed long horns down to the premaxilla, and all the way back to the occipital condyles. On the dorsal side of the model, the contours of the nasal, front, and parietal regions are clearly visible. From the ventral side, other anatomical structures, such as the basisphenoid, basioccipital, and foramen magnum, are well defined. Both scans were quickly aligned in Artec Studio.

Scanners: Artec Eva
Scanning time: 3 min
Processing time: 8 min
Download 3D model:
PLY [2.94 MB]
WRL [8.08 MB]
3DS [8.34 MB]