ProJet® 3510 DP

Professional 3D Printer

The most productive, high-capacity dental wax up printer in the industry

The ProJet® 3510 DP printer accurately, consistently and economically manufacture high-precision wax ups for dental labs.

This dental 3D printer can generate hundreds of units per build with extremely smooth surface finish that can be cast or pressed. Enjoy an average of 20% savings on alloy consumption on copings and 50% less finishing times on frameworks

Using the VisiJetDentcast material, the ProJet 3510 DP has a build size of 11.73 x 7.3 x 8 inches, high definition modes of operation, accuracy of 0.001-0.002 inches per inch of part dimension, and a 5 year print head warranty.


Streamline dental treatments with exceptional, high-definition wax models

Mass manufacture dental waxups with the generous build platform of the ProJet 3510 DP

Save time by skipping ahead into the traditional dental production process

Easy post-processing allows for almost immediate use of the wax ups

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