ProJet® 3510 MP

Professional 3D Printer

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The most productive, high capacity dental 3D printers


The ProJet® 3510 MP dental 3D printer is designed for use in dental labs with 24/7 operation and same-day cycle times, increasing prodiction throughput but delivering perfect surface finishes. Up to 24 quad cases can be built at one time, quickly, easily and perfectly.

This system has two printing modes that are tuned to the production of drill guides, orthodontic thermoforming models, jaw models, crown and bridge, partial and orthdontic models.

With a build size of 11.75 x 7.3. x 8 inches, the proJet 3510 MP can produce models using a choice of two materials and an accuracy of 0.001-0.002 inches per inch of part dimension. These no-toxic materials are easy to post-process, and parts can be used almost immediately in your production process, with VisiJet Stoneplast certified as USP Class VI.

The Print3D application software that is supplied with the ProJet 3510 MP allows for easy job set up and management, build optimization tools, part stacking and nesting control and parts editing tools. The printer can be monitored remotely via tablet, smartphone or computer.

Offer outstanding fit and function with easy and accurate dental models and solutions

High accuracy and surface finish makes it ideal for drill guides, jaw models, orthdontic thermoforming models and other dental and orthopedic uses.

USP Class VI certified material available and a choice of two materials during the print run

Remote monitoring allows for 24/7 unattended operation

Turn images from compatible intraoral, plaster or impression scanners into precise, quality models without losing a day.