Ongoing Project: 3D Scanning Art Sculpture “Stations of the Cross” For Canadian Master Sculptor Timothy Schmaltz

Feb 7th, 2022 –

Our good friend Canadian Master Sculptor Timothy Schmaltz, working on his newest project – Stations of the Cross – we can’t wait to #3DScan these amazing sculptures with our Artec 3D Leo.

3D Scanning Art Sculpture Services

Master Sculptor Tim

Feb 27th, 2022 –

Close to completion Master Sculptor Timothy Schmaltz taking our team through the intricate details on this masterpiece. We’ve been working with Tim for many year now; each and every time he seems to one up his projects.

3D Scanning Art Sculpture-Canada-Tim

3D Scanning With Artec Leo

Feb. 28th, 2022 –

A quick behind the scenes looks at the Objex Unlimited team 3D Scanning 1 of 3 completed sculptures. In this particular case we opted to use our Artec 3D Leo handheld scanner. With no cables and on screen monitoring this job was a breeze for the technician. As you can see be the video its was a matter of walking around the Sculpture with precision and controlled speed. Artec’s new AI powered HD mode enabled quick and quality scan outputs.

3D Data Processing In Artec Studio 16

Feb. 28th, 2022 –

Using Artec Studio 16 the team at Objex is able to merge geometry from the captured Sculpture and manipulate target layers to create optimized 3D data.