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3D Printing in the retail space is nothing new, but we continue to see innovation in the footwear space, and how 3D Printing continues across more than just product design and development divisions.

At the forefront of the footwear industry, Adidas has been using 3D printing for years now and has even released shoes like The 4D run using cutting edge 3D printed midsoles. Nowadays brands like Reebok are utilizing advancements in full-color 3D Printing for promotional, marketing, and advertising material outside of just the product development stages.

video by @duaneshootstoys

Objex Unlimited was fortunate enough to work on this project for Reebok Canada to re-create miniature mockups of the release of The Zig for their recent viral Tik Tok campaign seen below:

video by @duaneshootstoys

The team at Reebok came to Objex Unlimited with a pair of “Zig’s”, and a concept of creating a miniature pair for their social influencers’ upcoming video campaign. They provided a few image examples and creative freedom on making it happen, and within a few weeks, we were able to deliver just that. A fresh pair of 3D Printed mini-kicks.

Here is the original Zig reference by Reebok:

You can purchase The Zig here

  The process looked something like this:


  • Since access to the CAD file was not readily available in time for their campaign we needed to create a 3D file from scratch. So we whipped up the digital asset to kick off the project. 3D scanning took place within a couple of minutes of having full access to the physical shoe. Our team was able to utilize our in-house Artec Eva and render up a 3D CAD file within a few hours. You can see the scan images below to get a better understanding of the data captured.  
  • Geometry was created using several stitched together scans 
  • The texture was also captured during the initial scan output and processed using Artec Studio 
  • Following scan capture, we ran a couple of test prints from the raw processed scan to see the quality of the original texture captured and its translation over to our new Mimaki 3D Printer. The results were pretty good but not quite perfect.
  • This file was then brought into Zbrush where our team of digital sculptors cleaned up any imperfections in the geometry and added additional touchups to the model. Due to low light conditions during the scanning process, the vibrance of The Zig was not quite perfect. Our sculptors added additional saturation to the shoes’ orange hues, soles area, and logos to give that extra pop of colour.
  • Our production team then reran the models on both the Mimaki 3duj-553 and the 3D Systems Project 660 to compare outputs and evaluate finishing options.


The second portion of the project consisted of a matching box to accommodate the pair of shoes. We produced a few variations in both traditional 2D and also 3D printing. Using the original box as a reference our sculpting team was able to replicate the design and graphics in zbrush for 3D production. You can see the final output below.

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On Thursday April 24, 2014, Objex Unlimited and 3D Systems hosted the “3D Printing Designs in Full Color” live webcast, demonstrating the amazing full-color printing capabilities of the ProJet® x60 series and the ProJet® 4500 (the world’s first full-color plastic 3D Printer). The webinar demonstrated to users the amazing potential of 3D Systems’ new ColorJet Printing (CJP) technologies.

If you missed the webinar or would like to view it again, you can view a recording by clicking the “Watch Webcast Now” button above, or by clicking here.

Attendees of the webinar were given the chance to learn, interact and ask questions all about ColorJet Printing. Objex Unlimited took part in demonstrating how they integrate ColorJet Printing technology to help their clients acquire new and recurring business, speed-up product development, and significantly cut ongoing costs.

ColorJet Printing is the only 3D printing technology capable of printing solid, realistic plastic parts in up to 6 million colors for eye-popping, photorealistic models. ColorJet can speed up product development cycles, bring to life demonstration and concept models, and introduce new methods of model-making for architecture, entertainment, and medical field applications. In addition to producing models full-color, CJP is one of the fastest methods of 3D printing, at a speed of one vertical inch-per-hour, without compromising high-resolution, size or complexity.

The ProJet 4500 is the first ColorJet Printer to print in plastic, offering the additional benefits of increased durability and flexibility of models. Objects printed by the 4500 require minimal post processing to look great, and can survive fully submersed in water. A unique feature of the 4500 is the ability to easily map textures onto the models, which not only reduces the amount of work for designers, but allows for unique designs and color gradients on the surface of models.

Objex Unlimited provides 3D printing and scanning services for jewelry design and casting, geospatial prototyping, medical modeling, architectural models, and archaeological modeling, to name a few.

To recap, the webinar explored:

  • Latest developments in ColorJet 3D printing – now in durable plastic with the ProJet 4500
  • ProJet x60 series’ versatile range of full-color 3D printing applications
  • How physical color models help communicate designs more effectively

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Complimentary Live Webcast 

Endless Applications with ColorJet 3D Printing


Explore how Objex Unlimited integrates ColorJet Printing (CJP) technology to help their clients acquire new and recurring business, speed product development schedules and cut costs. Objex Unlimited provides 3D printing and scanning services for jewelry design and casting, geospatial prototyping, medical modeling, architectural models, archaeological modeling.

3D Systems‘ ColorJet Printers set the standard for true, full-color printing, speed and affordability.  See how CJP printers can be used to produce exceptional high-resolution, large architectural models, industrial molds and castings, product design concepts, single-piece scale prototypes and more.

In this live webcast, you’ll learn:

  • ProJet® x60 series’ versatile range of full-color 3D printing applications
  • Latest developments in ColorJet 3D printing – now in durable plastic with the ProJet 4500
  • How physical color models help communicate designs more effectively

If you’re a product designer, engineer, architect, manufacturer, animator or educator, don’t miss this inside look at how 3D Systems and Objex Unlimited engage 3D printing to Manufacture the Future.

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April 24, 2014


11 AM EDT / 8 AM PDT



1 hour


Tom Charron – VP Product Marketing – 3D Systems

Steve Cory – President – Objex Unlimited



  • Co-develop a variety of 3D printed chocolate and non-chocolate products
  • Commercialize new class of consumer and prosumer 3D printers for edibles


Release Date: Thursday, January 16, 2014 – 08:30

ROCK HILL, South Carolina –January 16, 2014 – 3D Systems  (NYSE:DDD) today announced that it entered into a multi-year joint development agreement with The Hershey Company (NYSE:HSY), the largest producer of quality chocolate in North America and a global leader in chocolate, sweets and refreshment, to explore and develop innovative opportunities for using 3D printing technology in creating edible foods, including confectionery treats. The alliance combines Hershey’s world-class food science and manufacturing expertise with 3DS’ powerful 3D printing technology and knowhow to deliver new consumer experiences.

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We all know prototyping can be costly but what if 3D printing can save you big bucks. Learn how 3D printing reduced prototyping costs by more than 30%.

Prototyping is well known for being a costly business. “Turning an idea or invention into a prototype will typically entail substantial production costs, freighting expenses and of course the professional fees of prototype makers – if you are contracting one.” Prototypes can be conveniently created on demand with 3D printing systems.

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Watch This: EuroMold 2013 New Products Announcement. EuroMold 2013 was held at the Exhibition Center Frankfurt/Main, Germany. EuroMold provides visitors with the opportunity to learn more about the products and innovations of a multitude of exhibitors from differing sectors of the industry and different countries.


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