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It will be interesting to see all of the outstanding talent showcased at this years Fan Expo. We are looking forward to seeing an array of 3D printed props, and accessories to compliment the many Cosplay enthusiasts.

FAN EXPO CANADA is located at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North and South Buildings this weekend, and for over 90,000+ fans, is home to the “3rd largest pop culture event in North America”. With some of the most outstanding exhibitors and celebrity guests – it’s an event that you wont want to miss. Like many technologies, the creative minds of sci-fi writers, directors, and artist have helped drive and conceptualize the realm of 3D printing. Today we see many of these creative minds utilizing this technology when there is no other alternative for creating part, props, and models.
We took this opportunity to create our own 3D printed action figure to add a touch of Fan Expo to our studio. Check It Out!



(disclaimer: not all parts seen in images above are 3d printed)