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On Thursday April 24, 2014, Objex Unlimited and 3D Systems hosted the “3D Printing Designs in Full Color” live webcast, demonstrating the amazing full-color printing capabilities of the ProJet® x60 series and the ProJet® 4500 (the world’s first full-color plastic 3D Printer). The webinar demonstrated to users the amazing potential of 3D Systems’ new ColorJet Printing (CJP) technologies.

If you missed the webinar or would like to view it again, you can view a recording by clicking the “Watch Webcast Now” button above, or by clicking here.

Attendees of the webinar were given the chance to learn, interact and ask questions all about ColorJet Printing. Objex Unlimited took part in demonstrating how they integrate ColorJet Printing technology to help their clients acquire new and recurring business, speed-up product development, and significantly cut ongoing costs.

ColorJet Printing is the only 3D printing technology capable of printing solid, realistic plastic parts in up to 6 million colors for eye-popping, photorealistic models. ColorJet can speed up product development cycles, bring to life demonstration and concept models, and introduce new methods of model-making for architecture, entertainment, and medical field applications. In addition to producing models full-color, CJP is one of the fastest methods of 3D printing, at a speed of one vertical inch-per-hour, without compromising high-resolution, size or complexity.

The ProJet 4500 is the first ColorJet Printer to print in plastic, offering the additional benefits of increased durability and flexibility of models. Objects printed by the 4500 require minimal post processing to look great, and can survive fully submersed in water. A unique feature of the 4500 is the ability to easily map textures onto the models, which not only reduces the amount of work for designers, but allows for unique designs and color gradients on the surface of models.

Objex Unlimited provides 3D printing and scanning services for jewelry design and casting, geospatial prototyping, medical modeling, architectural models, and archaeological modeling, to name a few.

To recap, the webinar explored:

  • Latest developments in ColorJet 3D printing – now in durable plastic with the ProJet 4500
  • ProJet x60 series’ versatile range of full-color 3D printing applications
  • How physical color models help communicate designs more effectively

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