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Toronto 3D Printing Services Promotes Innovation in Various Industries

toronto-3d-printing-services-promotes-innovation-in-various-industriesScientific discoveries and advancements pave the way for innovative solutions that generally make life easier. In progressive countries like Canada, computers and other equipment have helped ease the burden of many different tasks. A LiveScience.com article discusses a useful tool that is slowly making waves in the medical sector and shaping the future of surgery, as we know it:

Regenerative medicine has already implanted lab-grown skin, tracheas and bladders into patients — body parts grown slowly through a combination of artificial scaffolds and living human cells. By comparison, 3D-printing technology offers both greater speed and computer-guided precision in printing living cells layer by layer to make replacement skin, body parts and perhaps eventually organs such as hearts, livers and kidneys.

…[R]esearchers hope that 3D printing’s efficiency can scale up the manufacturing of such organs for widespread use, as well as help make hearts, livers and kidneys suitable for implanting in patients.

Though it is still far from reaching its full potential, 3D printing in Toronto as well as in other areas worldwide can become a major component for medical practitioners who conduct the most sensitive surgeries like transplants. Just how big of a factor can 3D printing be? What qualities do these tools have that make them so promising?

Faster results

One of the primary characteristics of 3D printing is its ability to produce prototypes rapidly. Design and architecture firms, for example, use this process in their applications like casting sand, plastic, and paper, among others. This enables them to get a better grasp of their designs while saving more of rendering time.

Furthermore, manufacturing industries also use Toronto 3D printing to create different types of items. Figures, sculptures, and medical models, are just some of the things it can create.

It’s in the technology

Though there are a good number of companies offering 3D printing, the difference still boils down on the technology that is used. Reputable companies like Objex Unlimited use some of the most advanced technologies like 3D Inkjet and Fused Deposition Modelling that yield exceptional results.

As advancements and discoveries continue to come up, industries and consumers should be able to ride the tide that leads to a better future.

(Info from 3D Printing Aims to Deliver Organs on Demand, LiveScience, Published September 24, 2013)