3D Printing: The Amazing Applications of Rapid Prototyping in Ontario

Every year, various technological innovations never fail to surprise and amaze global consumers. In fact, a fine example of an impressive development in the manufacturing industry, which is slowly extending its influence over other sectors, is 3D printing. Today, projects or industries that require rapid prototyping in Ontario via 3D printing can be handled by a number of established companies like Objex Unlimited.


3D printing is a multifaceted technology, and most of the time, it’s extraordinary. Here’s an excerpt from an article written by Nola Taylor Redd posted at Mashable.com that shows just how promising and valuable 3D printing can be – in outer space!

Starting next fall, astronauts on the International Space Station won’t have to wait months for replacement parts to be launched from Earth. Instead, they can use a newly arrived 3-D printer to fabricate the tools and materials they need.

When a tool on the space station breaks or goes missing these days, astronauts must often wait for months for the next supply mission to launch from Earth. The alternative is to ship up multiple spare parts, but the increased mass requires more fuel to lift off, and thus costs more money.

A 3-D printer could change all that, advocates say.

Of course, 3D printers aren’t only making the life of astronauts a whole lot easier, but it’s revolutionizing other industries as well.

Auto Industry

The car industry has been using 3D-printed parts these past few years, especially to make quick prototypes for their new designs. For car owners who can no longer find replacement parts for their classic or vintage vehicles, 3D printing is a beacon of hope. An exact copy of the missing or defective part that has been recreated on a computer can be produced using a 3D printer, after which the mold can be sent to a machinist.

Medical Field

From manufacturing customized medical devices to creating replicas of organs to serve as surgical guides, the future is definitely bright for 3D printing in the world of medicine. Complex and delicate procedures, such as pediatric heart surgeries and conjoined twin separations, are made easier and safer as surgeons being to plan and practice with 3D models.

Engineering Solutions

Engineers who need a prototype in Toronto don’t have to wait for days or weeks before their digital computer-aided design (CAD) plans are brought to life. With the help of companies like Objex Unlimited that offer dependable rapid prototyping services, they can have their prototypes in a matter of hours.

(Article Excerpt and Image from How NASA Will Use 3D Printers in Space, Mashable, November 15, 2013)

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