Do you have a great idea that you want to make a reality… but aren’t quite sure how?

We have excellent clients drop by all the time that require an extra hand when taking their designs or models to the next level.

Maybe they:

  • Are unsure about the process of preparing their designs for 3D printing and just need a little guidance?
  • Are looking to save money and time on production and want some expert advice.
  • Don’t have the expertise it takes to kickstart their project.
  • Just simple do not have the software or time to do so.

Here at Objex Unlimited, we take pride in our diverse array of talent and technology.

Our team of trained experts is happy to walk you through the steps it may take for designing or scanning for print.

Need a thought solution? Get in touch!

Tell us about your next project.

Every member of our team is working hard to build relationships with proactive insight, responsiveness and a genuine desire to help you succeed.