“Are you a fan of the Big Bang Theory? We are! Those geeky, nerdy, awkward, but lovable guys often remind us of…well…us! And last season on the show, those boys finally caught up with us. They stumbled onto 3D scanning/printing.

In Season 6, Episode 14 (called the “Cooper/Kripke Inversion”), Howard Wolowitz and Raj Koothrappali order customized figurines of themselves online. When the toys arrive, they are quickly disappointed at how little the dolls resemble them. Raj suggests buying a used 3D Printer and doing the job right. They scan themselves and Bernadette with a Kinect sensor and manufacture perfect replicas of each other in color.

The episode as hilarious, but there is a dark secret… Fact of the matter is, the real scanning was done with an Artec Eva scanner, not a Kinect sensor. The scans done with Kinect didn’t have the right resolution/texture for a quality, color 3D print.” – artec3d.com


toronto-3d-printing-services-promotes-innovation-in-various-industriesScientific discoveries and advancements pave the way for innovative solutions that generally make life easier. In progressive countries like Canada, computers and other equipment have helped ease the burden of many different tasks. A LiveScience.com article discusses a useful tool that is slowly making waves in the medical sector and shaping the future of surgery, as we know it:

Regenerative medicine has already implanted lab-grown skin, tracheas and bladders into patients — body parts grown slowly through a combination of artificial scaffolds and living human cells. By comparison, 3D-printing technology offers both greater speed and computer-guided precision in printing living cells layer by layer to make replacement skin, body parts and perhaps eventually organs such as hearts, livers and kidneys. Read more

Walking Cane

Kicking off the school year is never easy. It is often tough to find motivation in the early classes, long lectures, and lack of sleep. We thought it would be a great opportunity to look back at a group of students that have truly pushed the envelope on their past year, to provide a little motivation to those students looking for a finish line. Over the last few months our team here at Objex Unlimited has been thrilled to be working with a wide range of extremely talented clients. With this said, there is nothing like the Humber College Thesis Show. Showcasing students from the Bachelor of Applied Technology (Industrial Design) degree program, this annual show is an outstanding display of talented, and innovative designers. Amongst their hours of research, design, and engineering work, these students are required to present accurate, and realistic concept display models. Working in conjunction with Objex Unlimited, a great deal of these students were able to accurately replicate their prototypes and design models. This was a fantastic experience for both the students and our team here at Objex Unlimited – to be able to provide these talented students with the resources they need to continue to evolve and innovate their designs.


During the show we had the opportunity to award two of these outstanding designers with the “best hard models in show”. Both Brent Vanderwoude and Jacob Migneault took home the prize.


That’s Right! We now offer 3D wax printing.

Objex Unlimited is extremely excited to be launching our brand new 3D wax printing services.

With our high quality, precision 3D printing technology, and outstanding team of specialists, we are now capable to print and cast your custom 3D creations. With an overwhelming amount of interest from design fields, for products such as jewelry and fashion accessories, 3D wax printing has become the solution that can save you time and money.

Imagine being able to create a custom ring for that special someone, or pendant of your company logo or family crest – well now you can, in a fast and reliable 3D solution.

Here is a quick look at our first batch of company rings. From wax to cast!



This just in… a giant shipping crate. We can’t wait to see whats inside. Is it a new printer? Keep your eyes peeled for even faster, and more accurate services. We truly believe that you’ll love what we have to offer next. Stay tuned.