State-of-the-Art 3D Printer in Toronto: A Brighter Future for Everyone

state-of-the-art-3d-printer-in-toronto-a-brighter-future-for-everyoneTechnology has helped businesses business streamline their processes through the years. One of the most notable innovations these days is 3D printing. And in countries like Canada and the United States where it has established a solid foundation, its impact can become bigger in the coming years, as reported by the The Globe and Mail:

In the past four years, 3-D printing has morphed from futuristic theory to consumer reality. The cost of the technology has dropped to the point where an entry-level 3-D printer can be had for about $2,500. But where the technology appears to be having the greatest impact is one step above the consumer level. Just as the Internet allowed a swarm of startups to provide innovative products and services at a greatly reduced cost, 3-D printing is creating a new breed of manufacturing startup.

Consumers’ demand for household items and services are always constant, and a 3D printer in Toronto and other areas can help manufacture these things at a faster rate. But just how much promise can people expect from this technology?

From basic to complex

The potential impact and and scope of influence of 3D printing is virtually limitless, as it can be used for manufacturing of basic necessities like household items, to the more advanced ones like prosthetic legs. The industrial and architectural sectors are just a few that have reaped the benefits of the technology as their designs are “made to life” in a faster and more efficient manner, while having ample room for revisions and improvements. Furthermore, prototyping of items in the medical field was also improved several notches because of the technology as doctors are now looking at a future where organs through 3D printing can be used in surgical procedures.

One for every household

It wouldn’t be much of a surprise if every household gets to own a Toronto 3D printer in the future and replace various items in an instant, whenever they get damaged. But for now, things should be taken one step at a time as the technology is likely to undergo upgrades and improvements as the years go by. Nevertheless, there are printing companies like Objex Unlimited that utilize some of the latest technologies in 3D printing that can yield exceptional results, which industries and the general public can take advantage of.

(Info from 3-D Printing: “Creating ‘a new class of entrepreneurs,’” The Globe and Mail, June 6 , 2013)