Meet Our Friend Furmont

Join the Furmont Chrismouse Family Tradition and help us spread Contagious Kindness

One of the very first projects that our team worked on as a company was the Furmont Chrismouse. This fun, giving and creative idea was coined by our good friend Tracy Vincze and her business partner Renata who we assisted in the development of their product through concept and prototyping stages.

On a daily basis we have customers drop into our studio with an idea in mind or sketchs on the back of a napkin. It’s then our job to turn those ideas and visions into a reality and assist our client along the way in doing so. From computer aided design (CAD) to Rapid Prototyping to Direct Digital Manufacturing we love seeing project come to life and the smiles on our customers faces when they are holding their ideas in their hand only days or weeks later.

With limited knowledge of 3D printing and additive manufacturing at the time of initial development – Tracy and her business partner Renata turned to Objex Unlimited to pursue this vision. As a trusted local business Objex Unlimited provided the Furmont team with the ability to

“fine tune both the look and function of the product before committing to the investment of off-shore production” – Vincze

Now only a few years later the Furmont Chrismouse can be found in retail locations, at holiday shows, schools and across social media channels.

Vincze, inventor and founder explains her vision of this wonderful product:

“In an age where people are increasingly busy and stressed, disconnected from face to face interactions and where everything we read and hear is filled with bad news, the vision for Furmont is to inspire small, kind, and powerful human connections… The idea came from an ugly moment when I was racing around in the quest for THE Christmas wish list item for my youngest son who at the time would have been 5 years old. After my 3rd store and feeling more frantic in my search for this illusive lego set, I was aggressively cut off in a store parking lot and caught a glimpse of my face in the rear-view mirror. I was so disgusted and disappointed at what I saw that it made me sit and watch. Sadly we all seemed to be doing the same thing. Here I was preaching patience and kindness to our 2 boys, I, along with so many others, were doing the complete opposite. I felt compelled to do something and so the idea for Furmont was born.” – Vincze

By using 3D printing over traditional methods through product design and concept development stages – it has allowed the Furmont team to save both time and money through a more efficient process.

With the Holiday session in full swing this wonderful product is the Perfect Gift and Stocking Stuffer for Teachers, Grandchildren, Friends and Young Families.

Even Better! – Every Furmont sold helps kids in our community:

This year Furmont is working with Halton Food For Thought – a not for profit organization that helps to ensure that all school kids whether Elemetary or High School, Catholic or Public do not go hungry during the school day. Over 72% of all schools in Halton participate in the program.