Unleash Your Creativity with the Intamsys Funmat Pro 310 FFF Printer – Your Ultimate Guide

Are you ready to elevate your 3D printing game to new heights? The Intamsys Funmat Pro 310 FFF Printer is here to revolutionize your 3D printing experience. In this comprehensive Q&A guide, we’ll dive deep into the world of this industrial-grade 3D printer and answer 15 crucial questions that can help you make an informed decision.

1. What are the key features of the Intamsys Funmat Pro 310 FFF Printer?

  • The Funmat Pro 310 boasts industrial-grade construction, thermostatic control, dual independent extruders, and high-temperature capabilities.

2. How much does the Intamsys Funmat Pro 310 cost?

  • The retail price for this incredible machine is $10,000 Canadian dollars.

3. Is the Funmat Pro 310 suitable for industrial 3D printing?

  • Yes, it is an industrial-grade printer designed for precision, reliability, and versatility in various applications.

4. What is thermostatic control in 3D printing, and why is it important?

  • Thermostatic control maintains a constant temperature in the build chamber (up to 100°C), crucial for excellent prints with thermoplastics like ABS.

5. Can the Funmat Pro 310 handle high-temperature materials like ABS?

  • Absolutely! It can reach temperatures of up to 300°C, allowing you to work with a wide range of materials.

6. How does dual extrusion work in the Funmat Pro 310?

  • It features dual independent extruders, enabling you to mirror parts and print two objects simultaneously.

7. What are the advantages of having an industrial-grade 3D printer?

  • Industrial-grade printers offer enhanced durability, reliability, and the ability to work with a wide range of materials.

8. Where can I buy the Intamsys Funmat Pro 310 FFF Printer?

  • Contact your trusted Intmasys Canadian Reseller Objex Unlimited to inquire about purchasing.

9. Are there any sample prints available for the Funmat Pro 310?

  • Yes, we welcome you to visit our facility and witness the printer in action, or we can provide sample prints upon request.

10. What kind of materials can I use with the Funmat Pro 310?

You can use various thermoplastics and high-temperature materials with this printer, thanks to its impressive temperature capabilities.

11. Does the Funmat Pro 310 come with a warranty?

Details about warranties and support can be obtained by contacting us directly.

12. How does the Funmat Pro 310 compare to other 3D printers in its price range?

The Funmat Pro 310 stands out with its thermostatic control, high-quality materials, and dual extruders, offering exceptional value.

13. What are the maintenance requirements for the Funmat Pro 310?

Maintenance requirements are typically straightforward, and guidelines can be found in the user manual.

14. Are there any recommended accessories for this printer?

The package includes essential accessories, but additional accessories can be recommended based on your specific needs.

15. Can I see a demonstration of the Funmat Pro 310 in action?

Absolutely! We invite you to visit us for a firsthand look at this impressive 3D printer and even request sample prints.

Now that you have the answers to these questions, you’re well-equipped to make an informed decision about the Intamsys Funmat Pro 310 FFF Printer. Join us in revolutionizing your 3D printing projects and unlocking your creative potential.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your 3D printing to the next level. Upgrade to the Funmat Pro 310 today!