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2014 has brought with it daily announcements of new, less-expensive, 3D printers. However, actually using them effectively has been an error prone process. Adobe claims it will change all of that with Photoshop CC. Photoshop CC now has support for 3D printing in corporate directly into the software. A key feature is that the printing subsystem doesn’t just send your model off to the printer, it tidies it up first, making it much more likely to print successfully.


Watch this: Photoshop CC Overview

Fixing Your Model: Toward Fool Proof 3D Printing

Adobe is very aggressive with their claims about Photoshop’s new capabilities to fix problems with 3D models before sending them to a supported 3D printer. “In particular, it highlights patching holes in meshes, thickening walls as needed, and adding a raft and supports as appropriate for the material and printer being used.”

fixing your model

“This screen shot of a housing Photoshop CC, along with the part as modified by Photoshop to make it print-ready, show the kind of fixes Photoshop can apply. The part is rotated so it lays flat (the original stood in space and would have fallen over when printed) and supports have been added at points where Photoshop has determined the material would have failed under its own weight while printing. One reason this capability is in the printing subsystem is the supports needed vary greatly with the printer and material used.”


Perspective Warp: Way Beyond Fixing Distortion

Photoshop’s biggest strength and weakness is its variety of features. Over the last couple years, Adobe has worked especially hard beefing up various distortion correction and perspective manipulation tools. This release of Photoshop pushed the envelope even further with a very powerful Perspective Warp tool. That can do almost unbelievable things to push pieces of an image around to make it look like it was taken from a different place or from an imaginary place that combines multiple perspectives.

perspective warp

“Like the current perspective tools in Photoshop, Perspective Warp’s power is matched by its complexity. It is very easy to mess up an image by over using it or using it incorrectly. But, particularly for creative artists who need to composite multiple images taken from different perspectives together, Perspective Warp allows them to match the images up and make them look like a natural fit. To use Perspective Warp effectively will require plenty of practice, but this short hands-on video from Adobe will at least give you a sense of what is possible:”


Watch this: Perspective Warp


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