3D Scanning in Toronto Projected to Play Vital Role in the Future

Technology moves at an exhilarating pace as various experts continue to discover new ways to bring groundbreaking concepts and solutions to fruition. The field of medicine is one of the primary beneficiaries of modern technological advancements, particularly tools and gadgets that enable faster delivery of medical solutions to various injuries and ailments. A story posted on Marlin Finance shares that 3D printers and scanners are starting to make promising strides in the medical field.


According to Med City News, there’s a chance that 3D printers will soon be able to help discover the abilities, and toxicity, that medications can have on the human body. Organovo, a 3D printing platform for organs, has already been able to develop 3D-printed liver tissue, and recently expanded the lifespan of that liver tissue from an initial five days to more than a month.

Another development was an exo-glove sensor that could become an alternative to the common mouse and keyboard. For patients with accessibility needs or mobility-restricting concerns like arthritis, the globe could easily help them more accurately use a variety of interfaces.

Countries like the United States and Canada, among others, have started to harness the potentials of this technology for various industries. At the rate things are progressing, 3D scanning in Toronto may very well become a part of everyday life in the not-so-distant future.

Laying the foundations

These days, architectural firms and other companies use 3D scanning and printing technology to create scale models and prototypes of their CAD designs within days. Models in different shapes, colors, and sizes manufactured through the technology yield a number of advantages to these companies and end-users. Companies are able to save valuable time and expenses. At the same time, this flexible and more efficient approach to product design lays down the foundation for future innovations.

Shaping the future

With 3D scanners in Toronto and in other parts of the world now being used for various scientific and commercial applications, the possibilities are limitless and exciting, to say the least. Count on a trusted industry name such as Objex Unlimited for your 3D printing and scanning needs.

(Article Excerpt and Image from 3D printing can help improve medication testing, prosthetics and control, Marlin Finance, November 18, 2013)

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