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3DSystems announced their new consumer products at the International CES 2014. Avi N. Reichental, the President and Chief Executive Officer and Director of 3D systems announced the release of the Touch™ and iSense.



3D Systems Defines ‘Perceptual Design’ With Touch™, First Ever Consumer Haptic 3D Mouse, Priced At $499


-Intuitive fusing of physical and digital sculpting skills and experiences

-Equips today’s youngsters and adults with tomorrow’s perceptual design skills

-Ideal for medical modelling, jewelry design and consumer products styling


Release Date: 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014 – 09:00

ROCK HILL, South Carolina –January 7, 2014 – 3D Systems  (NYSE:DDD) announced today the debut of the first-ever haptic-based, consumer 3D mouse for intuitive 3D sculpting and design, the Touch™, with instant force feedback that mimics the sense of physical sculpting. The Touch works with 3DS’ Cubify® Sculpt™, a powerful virtual sculpting tool that transforms 3D modeling from a complex, skills-centric design experience to a simple, easy sculpting delight for students, designers and hobbyists.


Priced at $499, including Cubify Sculpt software, the Touch is expected to be ready for commercial shipment during the second quarter of 2014 and will be on display for the first time at the 2014 International CES in Las Vegas, NV, January 7-10, 2014, in the 3DS booth 31424 LVCC South Hall 3.


“Touch is at the heart of democratizing consumer and prosumer access to faster, simpler and easier 3D sculpting tools for ready-to-3D-print products,” said Keith Ozar, Director Marketing, Consumer Products, 3DS. “Touch is a real game-changer for STEAM education in K-12 as well as for both amateur and experienced artists, designers and professionals looking to harness tomorrow’s competitive skills today at an affordable price point.”



3D Systems Unveils New iSense Consumer Scanner At CES


-Discover #HowScanagenicAreYou with iPad-compatible consumer 3D scanner

-3DS physical photography device that’s easy to use and easy on the wallet


Release Date: 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014 – 16:04

ROCK HILL, South Carolina –January 7, 2014 – 3D Systems  (NYSE:DDD) previewed today its iSense™ 3D scanner, a new 3DS consumer scanner for iPad with seamless 3D printing optimization. The iSense is ideal for physical photography, empowering users to easily capture moments in every dimension. Created for 3DS by Occipital and powered by Structure Sensor technology, iSense can be used on anything and you don’t have to stand still or place an object into a box as required with other 3D scanners. Users simply attach the iSense to an iPad, and they can literally walk around and scan entire objects or environments obtaining a photorealistic copy of the real thing. iSense is powered by the same software as 3DS’ popular Sense scanner. The iSense will be on display for the first time at the 2014 International CES in Las Vegas, NV, January 7-10, 2014, in the 3DS booth 31424 LVCC South Hall.


“We are excited to bring a sleek new physical-photography device to iPad lovers the world over,” said Rajeev Kulkarni, Vice President, General Manager, Consumer Products, 3DS. “iSense has the most diversity in its class for scan size and can capture everything from a delicious cupcake to a full body selfie, processing in seconds to a 3D printable, and comes with powerful, intuitive software that lets the user crop and enhance with easy and automated tools.”


As the newest addition to 3DS’ consumer offering, the iSense fully integrates with the Cube® family of consumer and prosumer 3D printers and also offers direct upload options to Cubify.com for cloud printing in a range of materials including Ceramix, Aluminix and Clear.


iSense will be fully-compatible with apps designed for Occipital’s Structure Sensor.


iSense is priced at $499 and will be available during the second quarter of 2014 on Cubify.com and in hundreds of retail stores worldwide.


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