Art by Oliver Pauk - Part of the "Objects" Collection
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Art by Oliver Pauk brought to life with 3D Design and Printing

Here’s another great example of using 3D Design and 3D Print to turn imagination into real life!

Not long ago, an artist by the name of Oliver Pauk visited a 3D Printing talk by Steve Cory, President of Objex Unlimited. He started asking questions and eventually visited the offices here to see the different printers on-site, and started to realize how the different technologies could help him develop his art. The piece eventually created was part of Oliver Pauk’s Objects collection, which can be seen here:

Oliver Pauk - Objects Collection

Oliver Pauk – Objects Collection


Oliver Pauk was experienced creating 3D Designs in photoshop and wanted to make his file printable. It was determined that the best technology for the job was Stereolithography (SLA) 3D Printing, which uses a laser and a plastic based liquid resin, optimal for extremely fine detail at a comparably high strength. As SLA is not a colour printing technology, the colours were applied to the model using Hydrodipping. The process involves taking a non-porous plastic, placing a coloured film across a the surface of a vat of water, and then dipping the object into the vat as the colour transfer wraps around the object.

The results are absolutely amazing!

Check out more of Oliver Pauk’s artwork from the same collection in the link below!


Printed on ProJet 6000 HD

The ProJet 6000 HD offers three choices of print resolution, a choice of 6 VisiJet SL materials including the VisiJet SL Flex and Jewel. The material used for this particular project was VisiJet SL Black, ideal for ABS-like look and feel, high strength and good dimensional stability. Normally used for automotive and consumer goods prototyping and Ideal for electronics housing.

The ProJet 6000 range delivers up to 10 x 10 x 10 inch (250 x 250 x 250 mm) net build volume.

With options for high-definition, ultra high-definition and extra high-definition printing resolutions, you are guaranteed to print nothing that’s less than exceptional.



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