Artec 3D showroom opening

Artec 3D showroom opening |


ARTEC GROUP™, a global market leader in 3D scanning hardware and software, opens its first-ever 3D Showroom in Palo Alto (125 University Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301). We’re proud to open the doors to our first showroom here in the heart of Palo Alto, headquarters to the most successful hi-tech companies in the world. The opening of our showroom marks a key milestone in the company’s development as a major player in the hugely promising market of 3D technology.


We believe that the 3D revolution is just around the corner and will soon take us all by storm, just as photography did in the 20th century. Until recently, 3D technologies were a distant dream for the general user – too complex and too expensive. Artec is challenging this idea head on, bringing its high-tech solutions to all.

artec showroom

Our products are now on show for people to try and test on the spot, to prove that 3D scanning is now out there for everyone:

  • Artec 3D scanners: Artec Eva and Artec Spider for ultra-high quality professional 3D scanning,
  • Artec ID Broadway 3D Face recognition technology, currently in use at the Sochi Olympic Games for employee face recognition security
  • Shapify.Pro – a brand new package for professional users of our 3D-seflie technology
  • Shapify – scan yourself and order your 3D-printed figurine


Commenting on the opening of the Artec 3D Showroom, Artec Group CEO Artyom Yukhin said: “We are very excited about the new possibilities opening up in 3D technology every day. We’re delighted to be opening our showroom in Palo Alto, in the cradle of technology start-ups, home to the beginnings of the most inspiring hi-tech success stories. We have no doubt that the future belongs to 3D, that the 3D revolution is fast approaching and that leading the race is Artec.”


Artec 3D Showroom opening hours are: Mon-Sun 11am-7pm


Objex Unlimited

36 Fieldway Road,

Toronto, Ontario M8Z 3L2


Objex Unlimited is a 3D printing studio located in Toronto.  We take pride in all of our products and services, offering the newest, and highest quality methods of production. With a highly skilled team of trained individuals we have no doubt that we can offer your business alternatives, which will save you work, time, and money. We use advanced 3D Printing Technology to produce Rapid Prototypes and highly detailed Concept Models directly from CAD Drawings. We can bring your CAD designs to life by creating real parts you can use and models that you can hold in your hand. Our commitment to you is to deliver in DAYS. Don’t let prototype production hold up your design cycle. Objex Unlimited is an Authorized Distributor of Artec 3D Scanners and 3D Systems Professional 3D Printers.


Contact Information

Phone: 416-233-7165


Monday-Friday 10am-6pm EST

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