Every year, various technological innovations never fail to surprise and amaze global consumers. In fact, a fine example of an impressive development in the manufacturing industry, which is slowly extending its influence over other sectors, is 3D printing. Today, projects or industries that require rapid prototyping in Ontario via 3D printing can be handled by a number of established companies like Objex Unlimited.
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What used to be science fiction stuff has now become a reality. Rapid prototyping, which enables designers and manufacturers to create 3D scale models of parts or assemblies using so-called additive technology, is set to revolutionize various aspects of everyday life. Søren Petersen, resident engineering and design researcher for Huffington Post, has this to say about the fast evolving technology:
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3d-scanning-in-toronto-helps-streamline-various-design-applicationsThanks to the recent introduction of more affordable equipment, 3D scanning in Toronto is now accessible to midsized creative agencies and freelance designers. The technology helps cut down the cost of the design process and the long hours of reproducing a physical object on the computer. A DigitalTrends.com article discusses what this means for businesses: Read more

toronto-3d-printing-services-promotes-innovation-in-various-industriesScientific discoveries and advancements pave the way for innovative solutions that generally make life easier. In progressive countries like Canada, computers and other equipment have helped ease the burden of many different tasks. A LiveScience.com article discusses a useful tool that is slowly making waves in the medical sector and shaping the future of surgery, as we know it:

Regenerative medicine has already implanted lab-grown skin, tracheas and bladders into patients — body parts grown slowly through a combination of artificial scaffolds and living human cells. By comparison, 3D-printing technology offers both greater speed and computer-guided precision in printing living cells layer by layer to make replacement skin, body parts and perhaps eventually organs such as hearts, livers and kidneys. Read more