3D Scanning in Toronto Helps Streamline Various Design Applications

3d-scanning-in-toronto-helps-streamline-various-design-applicationsThanks to the recent introduction of more affordable equipment, 3D scanning in Toronto is now accessible to midsized creative agencies and freelance designers. The technology helps cut down the cost of the design process and the long hours of reproducing a physical object on the computer. A DigitalTrends.com article discusses what this means for businesses:

While 3D scanners in themselves aren’t new, they used to be confined to workshops and engineering labs – and to anybody with deep pockets who can afford them. But a new crop of affordable scanners is giving creative agencies and even hobbyists a powerful new tool for bringing the real world into the digital realm.

“This scanning has been around for a while, actually, but it has always been unavailable to smaller-sized and medium businesses,” [Anna Zevelyov, Director of Business Development for Artec Group] said. “In the past, they have cost between $150,000 and $200,000. They have been used frequently by the big guys, like the automotive industry, the aerospace industry, the Boeings. But the ma-and-pa shops couldn’t afford it.”

One of the most popular cost-effective 3D scanners today is the handheld Artec Eva 3D scanner, which costs around $15,000. It can capture objects quickly at up to 16 frames per second in high quality and vibrant colour. It also does not require calibration, which provides ease of operation even for inexperienced users. Companies that distribute the Artec Eva 3D scanner in Toronto, like Objex Unlimited, also provide a free initial consultation and quote for the product.

With these affordable 3D scanners, limited time and budget no longer have to hinder artists and creative agencies from completing various design projects. They are ideal for making CGI for movies and games, creating replicas of precious works of art and archaeological objects, as well as moulding a precise model of human body parts for medical, dental, and criminology endeavours. These are just some of the applications that the equipment can help make easier.

Additionally, many design companies offer 3D scanning services in-house or on-location. Most of these businesses employ a team of design experts that are not only proficient in using different 3D scanning equipment but are also updated with the latest trends in 3D design. These professionals can help make the visions of amateur designers come to life, as well as provide them with many ideas and guide their creative pursuits.

(Article Excerpt and Image from How 3D Scanners are Leaving the Workshop and Capturing Life from All Angles, Digital Trends, Published June 6, 2013)