Finish a Mississauga 3D Printing Project Successfully with these Tips

finish-a-mississauga-3d-printing-project-successfully-with-these-tipsIf you need to customize a design for a project in the shortest time possible, 3D printing is the way to go. It is the creation of a real, solid object from a digital model using an additive process of layering thin slices of material (like plastic, ceramic, or metal) on top of the other until the object is formed. Unlike manual drawing or sculpting, making a design model only takes a few seconds or minutes, helping you save a considerable amount of time.

Although the cost of 3D printers has decreased significantly in recent years, the technology has remained unachievable for most people. While there are few individuals who like to DIY, most do not have enough the time, skills, or budget to personally create 3D designs. If you are one of those with limited resources, it is better for to seek the help of 3D printing professionals than risk ruining your project entirely. A article explains why:

…[Y]ou can always turn to a professional 3D printing company with a line of industrial printers available to take your order. They can usually do crazy things with powdered materials, lasers, etching, and bring your idea to life in any shape or size you need, without the need for polishing, sanding, or a ton of post-processing after the fact.

Many companies offer 3D printing services in Toronto and Mississauga. Before deciding to hire one, do your research. Study the 3D printing methods available and determine which ones work best for your project. Once you find providers that use your preferred method, ask how much they charge for their services. Inquire about the professional background of their staff and try to view their previous works. At the start of the project, make sure that they consult with you for design ideas and ask them to assess how long it will take them to complete the order.

You should also decide on the materials to use. 3D printing professionals can give you advice on the best techniques to use but they will not force you to choose a specific material or process. Having the final say for your project, it is important that you have a visualised design of your final product. If the various 3D printing materials leave you feeling confused, you can get a sample kit or request a free consultation and quote from the companies. Objex Unlimited is just one of the many companies that offer free estimate for their Toronto and Mississauga 3D printing services.

(Info from How To Get Started With 3D Printing (Without Spending a Fortune), Lifehacker, Published September 18, 2013)