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Global 3D Printing Market Will Reach at Least $7 Billion by 2025

On May 22nd, IDTechEX released a report predicting the global market for 3D printing is set to reach $7 billion by 2025. The report outlines how 3D printing processes are being used in various industries today and how industries will be using the technology in the future. This outstanding growth is no surprise to us; we have barely scratched the surface in terms of what is possible with 3D printing technologies. Although it is difficult to predict just how fast it will grow, and which new product areas will develop the fastest, it is clear that companies increasingly turn to 3D printing to create new products because it is fast, efficient and it cuts costs. You can purchase and read IDTechEX’s full report here.

“Sectors covered include aerospace, automotive, architecture, art, consumer, clothing, education, gadgets, hobbyist, justice, medical and sport as well as prototyping. Applications involving the 3D printing of thermoplastics, photopolymers, metals, ceramics, foods, plaster and concrete are described.”

IDTechEX pointed out the huge potential of 3D printed electrical components, a relatively new application of 3D technology:

“Many potential applications of 3D printing are still in the lab. 3D printed electronics has huge potential but is still embryonic in terms of development, with main players taking their first steps by 3D printing conductive and insulating materials into a single object. 3D printed electronics, including 3D printed transistors, will not be fully realised within ten years but some emerging medical applications will be commercialised well before 2025. With huge markets and minimal competition, these applications will grow very fast and quickly displace traditional engineering applications of 3D printing.”
The report covers 101 different companies involved in all existing 3D printing applications and contains the results of many new interviews with different institutions providing exclusive information about their current and potential uses of 3D printing.

For more details see www.IDTechEx.com/3Dapps and also attend IDTechEx’s event 3D Printing LIVE! USA 2014.


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