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Haptics in True-To-Life Virtual Medical Training



Tuesday, March 25, 2014 – 11:47

The term “haptic” is the name for… A new cholesterol medication? The newly discovered 64th moon of Jupiter? A line of skin care products developed by French chemists?


Not quite. In fact, we’ve already got haptics all around us: in the cell phones and video game controllers we use every day. “Haptic” is the general term used to describe devices that give tactile feedback to a human user. Haptic devices make the phone vibrate after a keystroke and the video game controller rumble when your souped up rally car slides into a ditch. (Image via


At the same time, higher end haptic devices are powering a number of true-to-life virtual medical training, research and therapy applications. The Geomagic Touch by 3D Systems is one of the original devices, created by Sensable in the late 90s. Geomagic Touch provides force feedback when users interact with 3D objects, so doctors can more realistically simulate surgical procedures, dental students can practice on lifelike virtual models, and researchers can “touch” molecular models.


Inition has featured a number of haptic device applications, which include a wide range of medical training uses, like Virtual Botox. Click here to learn about more of the 3DS haptic device applications used and developed by Inition.


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