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Made to Order: How 3D Printing in Toronto Can Improve Manufacturing

How 3D Printing in Toronto Can Improve Manufacturing

A Financial Post article dated November 19, 2013 goes into detail about what makes 3D printing the future of manufacturing. Among other things, this technology can do away with most of the inefficiencies that take place during the transformation of raw materials into actual products. The article notes the key innovations 3D printers can bring to the manufacturing industry:


Mass production runs traditionally incur substantial setup costs, which must be averaged out over large orders. Additive manufacturing, on the other hand, requires little more than introducing a digital model for the printer to follow and virtually eliminates the cost of labour.

The first item can be produced at the same cost as the last one,” says Fouad. “We’re seeing considerable interest from tool and die makers. If you can produce a prototype directly from digital models, you can make moulds much more cost-effectively.”

SLS produces little waste and unused raw material is recycled. The process also reduces transportation costs, since a digital model can be transmitted to 3-D printers anywhere in the world.

As an emerging technology, 3D printing has yet to find widespread use, although it does hold a lot of promise for manufacturers that need to create small parts in small runs and on short notice. 3D printing equipment may not be easy to come by, however. Luckily, Canadian manufacturers will be pleased to know that companies like Objex Unlimited offer superior 3D printing in Toronto geared toward the creation of rapid prototypes.

3D printers can be used to create a variety of objects, from playthings to sculptures and even medical models. Architects can use 3D printers to create tangible models of whatever building they’re designing. Even better, 3D printers can be used to replicate small machine parts for larger assemblies. Since the technology wastes virtually zero material and requires no additional labour, it’s not surprising why 3D printing has become a viable option for manufacturers looking to reduce production costs.

The possibilities are almost endless for 3D printers, though the devices themselves don’t exactly come cheap. Fortunately, manufacturers can outsource their 3D printing needs to a Toronto 3D printing service provider who can produce the much-needed parts or products in a more economical way.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Small advantage: 3-D printing brings short-run manufacturing back home, Financial Post, November 19, 2013)  

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