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Idea to End-Product in 7 Days Flat: WHYcase for iPhone 6 | Let’s Start A Manufacturing Revolution

We have entered the next manufacturing revolution, and here is the proof. Using 3D printing to build a rapid prototype, the guys at WHYcase were able to go from concept to final product in less than 7 days. Watch the video below to see how they did it!

WHYcase for iPhone 6 | Let’s Start A Manufacturing Revolution

The product they made was a case for the iPhone 6. Since the phone was announced in September to be released later in the month, the guys at WHYcase challenged themselves to make a product to serve the demand for all those brand new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Pluses.

WHYcase used 3D scanning to obtain a very precise iPhone 6 CAD design. The case was then built around the design and printed on a Direct Metal printer. The 3D printed metal is then polished to a nice smooth finish, as the original print is rough and not smooth enough to be used as a commercial mould.

Could this be used for your next project? Do you have an idea that can utilize this rapid prototyping technology? Can your company utilize 3D Scanning or Direct Metal Laser Sintering in your manufacturing process? Let’s arrange a short time to discuss how these technologies can work in your favour!

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