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Spectacular Savings on Geomagic Products!

For a limited time, Objex Unlimited is offering special deals on Geomagic software. Find out more below and take advantage of our exciting promotions today!

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Promotions feature:

  • Geomagic Capture®
  • Geomagic Wrap®
  • Geomagic Freeform®
  • Sense™
  • CubePro™
  • and more!

1. Professional Designer Package – Save 24%!

Ready to elevate your design experience! With 3D Systems, and this new promotion, getting from scan-based design to print has never been easier. This package comes with Geomagic Capture for Wrap and the new CubePro Trio! Scan, design and print right at your desk.

2. Geomagic Capture for Wrap – Save 25%!

Geomagic Capture for Wrap is our newest offering for our scan-based design product line, but it’s only for a limited time! Take advantage of our Capture scanning device paired with the power of auto surfacing and design capability of Geomagic Wrap that will ramp up your design process and help get to market faster!

3. Multi Year Maintenance

Whether you are currently enjoying our maintenance program, or have not renewed recently and want to come back, we have a great deal for you! Purchase 2 years maintenance at 10% off, or purchase 3 years maintenance and qualify for 20% off.  Continue to receive free upgrades, access to our technical support team and more!

4. Starter Scan-Based Design Package – Save 21%!

Whether you’re just getting started with scan-based design, or want to unleash the creative talent of one of your teammates, this package gives you the tools you need to get going. It comes with Sense, Geomagic Design and a Cube3D Printer. Scan with confidence, utilize our user friendly CAD platform, and print on your new Cube 3D printer in just a few steps. It’s that easy.

5. Special pricing on Capture for Wrap, Freeform and Touch – Save 20%!

Unleash the power of voxel based modeling with the power of haptic feedback by combining Capture for Wrap with Geomagic Freeform. This package comes with two hardware devices, our blue light scanner and the Touch haptic device. It also includes first year maintenance which provides additional hardware support along with access to technical support and more.

6. Special pricing on Freeform Plus and Touch X and Studio – Save 38%!

Take your manufacturing to a new level. Freeform Plus and Touch X provide the tools you need to make models ready for any type of manufacturing process you currently use, and speed up the process to get you there. Add the power of scanning to your workflow to bring in your physical design and improve on it in minutes.

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