Staples Partners with 3D Systems to Launch In-store 3D Printing Experience in New York and Los Angeles

Staples Launch in-store 3D Printing Experience


3D Systems has announced that it has partnered up with Staples, Inc. to start a pilot program in which two staples stores in New York City and Los Angeles offer 3D printing services.


Each of the staple stores will feature an immersive 3D printing experience center where consumers and small businesses can create personalized products and use 3D printing hardware. Customers will also be able to bring in their own 3D print-ready files to have them printed.


“3D printing offers enormous potential for small businesses, and by using Staples, they can print with the technology without having to invest in it,” said Damien Leigh, Senior Vice President of Business Services for Staples, Inc. “The test with 3D Systems will help us learn about our customers’ needs for a local 3D printing service, and how Staples can help them make more happen for their business through 3D printing.”


“Staples’ established reputation as a leader in home office and small business solutions makes them an ideal partner for testing out live, consumer-facing 3D print services,” said Rajeev Kulkarni, 3DS’ Vice President and General Manager, Consumer Products Division. “We have been thrilled with the retail experience and response from our audience, and the difference it makes being able to see, touch and experience 3D printing.”


With these new 3D printing experience centers customers can learn more about 3D printing through demonstration areas where they can use design software and see 3D Systems printers in action. Each store will also include the 3DME® Photobooth from 3D Systems to capture customers’ facial images for the purpose of personalizing 3D products like figurines, and customers can also print personalized smart phone cases.


3D Systems on-site experts, along with trained Copy & Print associates from Staples to help guide customer on their 3D printing journey will be available at each store. The items can be printed on site or through 3D systems and shipped directly to the customer’s office or home.


Staples previously announced that it would be the first major U.S. retailer to carry 3D printers, with the launch of the Cube® from 3D Systems on Staples has since rolled out 3D printing hardware and accessories in a limited number of stores, and expanded its overall product selection.


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