3D Printing Reduces Prototyping Costs by 30% |

We all know prototyping can be costly but what if 3D printing can save you big bucks. Learn how 3D printing reduced prototyping costs by more than 30%.

Prototyping is well known for being a costly business. “Turning an idea or invention into a prototype will typically entail substantial production costs, freighting expenses and of course the professional fees of prototype makers – if you are contracting one.” Prototypes can be conveniently created on demand with 3D printing systems.


Cost Savings: The Numbers

Ford Motors stated that 3D technology opens up possibilities in innovations and is helping them greatly in reducing production costs. Ford Motors was able to minimize their production time for prototypes by around 25% to 40% depending on the parts. With 3D printing General Electric reported more than 30% savings in productions of certain parts of a probe. Mattel mentioned how 3D technology is making it easier, faster and cheaper for them to produce-customized parts of toys.


Cost of Traditional Prototyping

Manufacturers invest substantial amounts of money just to come up with a sample of an invention and much more for a working product.  “Designer firms that develop 3D digital models can charge firms from $30 to $30,000 depending on the complexity, the size and functions of a prototype.” The designs are then sent to professional prototype makers who are commissioned to produce the physical form of the 3D model. “Prototype manufacturers can charge firms from between $50 to $5 million depending on the physical size of the prototype; required materials and equipment, and the level of finish; not to mention the intricacy of methods involved in its production.”


Impact on the Prototype Production Process

With the boom in 3D printing technologies, many manufacturing companies see its favorable impact on productivity. 3D printing systems allows companies to pilot test and then fine-tune the prototype first hand without lengthy delays.  It makes it much easier to locate design flaws resulting in faster prototype fixes. 3D printing technology also requires much less energy compared to that of big, bulky equipment used by machinist prototype makers.


The Future of 3D technology

The 3D printing industry experienced incredible growth. “According to the IT research company Gartner, Combined end-user spending on 3DPs will reach $412 million this year”. The possibilities are almost endless for 3D printers, though the devices themselves don’t come cheap. Fortunately, manufacturers can outsource their 3D printing needs to Objex Unlimited who can produce the much-needed parts or products in a more economical way.

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