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Artec Spider named the best hardware exhibited at SolidWorks 2015

Originally posted on Artec3d.com

Great news! If you’re looking for a 3D scanner for design, QA or engineering jobs, you now have another good reason to go for Artec Spider, and if you already own a Spider, here’s a fact confirming you made the right choice – the world’s #1 web portal for mechanical computer aided design, MCADCafé, has named Spider the best hardware showcased at SolidWorks World 2015 in Phoenix, AZ. The competition was really tough, with over 100 exhibitors bringing their products to the show, and this makes the award especially valuable.


Here’s what the editor-in-chief of MCADCafé, Jeff Rowe, who has over 35 years of experience in industrial design and engineering, has to say about Spider: “Although about a year old, we’d never seen this 3D scanner up close until this week at SolidWorks World. What impressed us most was the unit’s capture speed and quality, as well as its portability.”

To find out what else impressed Rowe about Spider and which product was chosen the best software, read Rowe’s review.

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