Medical Modeling Teams Up with 3D Systems

Medical Modeling Teams Up with 3D Systems




Medical Modeling has pioneered the leading 3D medical technology that comes with extraordinary benefits. If you would like to see these benefits look no further than the many conjoined twin separations the company has supported like 3D systems, which they newly joined forces with. In each case, medical modeling’s 3D imaging and physical models have created a successful procedure by allowing surgeons a true-to-life view of the patients’ shared anatomy before the first incision is ever made. Doctors can fully prepare for the procedure, which leads to the patient spending less time in the OR.


Medical Modeling’s lineup of virtual surgical planning tools, implants production services, tactile medical imaging, and more revolutionizing clinical treatment.


Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP) Technology

VSP is about utilizing medical image data to accurately plan surgery in a computer environment then transferring that virtual plan to the patient using customized instruments.


Tactile Medical Imaging

Medical modeling focuses on taking medical images from the computer screen to the 3D world. Additive manufacturing processes and materials of different kinds are used to produce physical anatomical models used in surgeries such as reconstruction of the cranium and the hip.


Now that Medical Modeling is a apart of 3D Systems, they will have even more access to state-of-the-art 3D printing and modeling tools, allowing both companies to head forward together with cutting-edge medical imaging and surgical planning.


3D Systems and Medical Modeling hope to enable better quality medical care and improve patient outcomes throughout the world, through3 their collective strengths, knowledge, and visions.


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